Nutrition/Wellness Services

shutterstock_165617486What are Nutrition/Wellness Services?

Total Care Services Inc. Nutrition/Wellness services are designed to promote and maintain good health. These services shall assist in increasing the person’s independence, participation, emotional well-being, and productivity in their home, work, and community.

What services are offered through the nutrition/wellness support?

Nutrition Services are administered to persons in their home settings. These services are provided in accordance with the person’s, Individual Support Plan (ISP) and Plan of Care.

  • Total Care Services Inc. nutrition/wellness services include nutrition evaluation /consultation
  • We assess the person’s need for a therapeutic diet that may include an altered/textured diet due to oral–motor problems
  • We conduct needs assessment for adaptive eating equipment and dysphagia management
  • Conduct a nutrition evaluation and provide consulting services on a variety of subjects
  • Promote improved health and increase the person’s ability to manage their own diet in an effective manner
  • The nutrition services include menu development, shopping, food preparation, food storage, and food preparation procedures
  • The nutrition services are consistent with the person’s physician’s orders